Thursday, October 25, 2007

How to Win at Office Politics

Every workplace is a political environment. So does winning at office politics mean you have to suck up, lie, or sling dirt?

Yes it does.

But you already know how to do all of that. So let's move on to what you don't know.

Tips for winning at office politics:
  • Build and maintain relationships. Spend 30 dollars a month on lunch with a colleague to stay close to them. Or even better, if you spend 100 dollars on drinks, you can get them back to your place. And then you can take any necessary photos for blackmail purposes.

  • Have a goal. Be clear about what you want, so when you go get it, you know exactly who to step on along the way.

  • Listen. Keep your ears open to what's going around you. What are people talking about? What best practices are being shared? What ideas can you steal from them?

  • Create a support system. Partner up with colleagues and peers who will help you with your vision. That way when you've accomplished your objectives, you can take credit for everything.

By business humor experts, The O'Shea Report.

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