Thursday, March 13, 2008

Corporate Humor Speaker Observations

While waiting at the airport to present in Philadelphia for US Food Service, we overheard two co-workers talking about their jobs. Their conversation went something like this:

"I have to do like three jobs in my job."

"Oh yeah? Well, I have to do seven!"

"Well, I meant that I do three jobs in the morning. Then I do 20 more jobs during the rest of my day."

"Oh yeah? Well, I worked 80 hours last week."

"Only eighty hours?! I worked 80 days last week!"

"Well, I meant that I worked 80 hours just yesterday."

OK, so we embellished slightly, but not much!
Sound familiar?
Are you getting sucked into the "I'm-so-committed-that-I-have-no-life-badge-of-honor" game?

Next time you hear this insanity go on at your workplace, with your family, or your friends: DON'T GET SUCKED IN.

This is not a game that you want to win. Because first prize is, congratulations, you indeed have no life!

So, when you are in the midst of this craziness, Do a 180 and change your perspective. Mentally step out from the situation and look for the humor. See the silliness in how people brag about their horrible lives. This will allow you to change your patterns and to enjoy your life...which is the point!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Customer Service Training

We wanted to let you know about a free webinar being offered by our friend and colleague, Ruby Newell-Legner. If you are looking for top-notch customer service training, Ruby is a real pro. Here's the info:

Seven Reasons Your Customer Service Ratings Aren’t Perfect
March 18, 2008

Do you have a strategy for improving your customer satisfaction ratings? We all know that satisfied customers translate into more profitable businesses, but how do we become one of those organizations that truly put the customer first?

In this session, Ruby will share the mistakes she sees everyday and of course she will share strategic steps for avoiding those missteps.

Her discussion will include the following topics:
How to hire the right people for a customer service role
How to share the Big Picture of Customer Service for your organization
How to clarify expectations for your staff
How to use training as a tool to improve customer satisfaction levels
How to reinforce and motivate staff to shine in customer service
What it takes to be an employer of choice

During this webinar, you will also get a sneak preview of Ruby’s new Customer Service DVD Training System which includes the following modules:
Understanding our Customers and their Loyalty
Tips for Promoting Positive Internal Customer Service
Communicating with Our Customers
Dealing with Upset Customers

Register now by clicking the link below: