Friday, July 18, 2008

About Face! Observations from Corporate Comedians

A professional acquaintance of ours recently had a consulting contract with a sizable company. She sent one of her team members, Cindy, to work on the project, and after several months Cindy produced record results. She surpassed all expectations and delivered the best numbers the company had ever experienced.

Later, when another project came up for the company, our colleague said, "Since Cindy produced such great results, I’ll assume you would like to work with her again."

Their response: "Actually, no."

Our colleague was surprised. "Really? She had the best results in your company’s history. Why don't you want her again?"

Their response: "We just didn't see her enough."

After all of Cindy's hard work, it didn't come down to results. What ultimately mattered: facetime. They just wanted to see her face.

Here’s the good news for the inept: Since many organizations focus on time rather than results, this means that you don't even have to be good. You just have to be THERE.

It's about "face."

So show your face! Show it everywhere, show it often! Here are some tips for how to show your face as much as possible, and even get ahead where you work:

1) When you leave for lunch, paste a photo of yourself to your chair at your desk, so people will see your face while you're gone. They will assume that even though you aren't there, you really are.

2) Bringing a sleeping bag and spend a couple of nights a week camping on the premises. If you can sleep in your boss's office all the long as your face is there.

3) During the company Halloween party, make a mask of your own face which you will wear over you're real face. That way you will have twice the face appearance, and get paid overtime that week.

4) Go for an entire month without doing any actual work, but show up early and leave late every day. When your superiors ask you why you haven't gotten your work done, simply say, "but I was here, wasn't I?" They will reply, "Oh...yeah, you were. Ok, nevermind."

As Corporate Comedians, The O'Shea Report offers corporate comedy, business humor, and motivational humor keynotes for meetings and conventions.

Business Humor...a remedy for "tough times"

We hear it everywhere: Times are tough! Disaster looms large!
When people are facing times of uncertainty and stress they desperately need two things:
  1. To connect with community
  2. To let the lid off the pressure cooker of stress

Ironically for many groups, when budgets tighten, one of the first things to go is anything that is considered "fun." This is unfortunate--we can't tell you how many times audience members come up to us after our program and say:

Thank goodness they brought you in! You hit the nail on the head. I really needed to laugh about that. It's really been stressing me out. It's nice to see that our management gets it!

Big Time ROI

So why on earth should organizations invest in anything other than The 27 Steps of the 48 Components of the 8 Laws of the Flavor of the Week?

Bottom line: Because your people need it!

When you bring a business humorist to your organization's meeting, you accomplish several goals:

  1. You build good will between organizers and attendees by creating a positive experience.

  2. You foster connection and community within your organization.

  3. You allow the audience to release tension around relevant issues through laughter.

  4. Because stress is released, your audience can look at everyday situations with a fresh perspective, thus increasing the chances of innovation rather than stagnation and burn-out.

According to Mark LeBlanc, President of the National Speakers Association, "Humor is one of those intangible elements of a presentation that is invaluable. Without it, even the best strategies and ideas can fall flat. It's the intangibles that drive the tangibles and make them stick. It turns a meeting into an experience."

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As Corporate Comedians, The O'Shea Report offers corporate comedy, business humor, and motivational humor keynotes for meetings and conventions.