Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Certain Uncertainty

Organizations are changing, paradigms are shifting, generations are crossing, expectations are astronomical, power is eroding…and it’s only 9:01 on Monday morning. What will this week bring?

We are living in times of unprecedented stress. People are under constant pressure to stay educated, motivated, and invigorated. But really, with all of the stress they face, they simply want to get intoxicated. Of course, that doesn’t really help with job performance.

So what is a solution that can relieve stress without getting you fired for on-the-job-inebriation?

You guessed it...laughter.

When something is stressing us out, we are unable to look at the situation objectively. We tend to be caught up in the emotion and tension of the moment. To get unstuck, ask yourself, "How can I look at this in a way that lets me laugh about it?" Our shorthand for this is, "How can I do a 180?"

For example, let's say you have to deal with the jerk at work that makes your skin crawl. While it may seem that there is nothing worse than having to deal with him, realize that there is one thing that is could be him!

When we can laugh about something that's irking us, it minimizes the hold it has over us. Because tension is released, you can look at the situation with a fresh perspective, thus increasing the chances of innovation rather than stagnation and burn-out.

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