Tuesday, December 2, 2008

CASE STUDY: Sales Awards Program

250 Sales professionals and guests for annual sales awards banquet.

Generate excitement and fun in order to build goodwill between new management and employees.
Reward employees for a successful roll-out of new corporate initiatives.
Encourage sales force to view changes with an open mind.

The division had been dealing with corporate change initiatives during the past year, in addition to management changes. The O'Sheas were brought in by the VP of Sales in order to boost sales force morale and to help them view their changes with a fresh perspective.

The O’Shea Report presented their keynote program “Change 180.”
Prior to the program, Tim and Kris researched the organization and interviewed people at various levels to see what stressors and changes they were facing.

Based on their findings, The O’Sheas customized their keynote program to help the group release tension around their relevant issues through laughter. Several custom segments were presented that reflected their current issues in a fresh and funny manner, including two custom videos about a new corporate initiative.

The sales associates loved the program and the upbeat tone carried over into their work environment in the days that followed. Employee morale was boosted as people had common “inside jokes” to positively bond them in their interactions.

"Thank you again for doing a great job at our annual Awards Banquet. You were a huge hit. You exceeded all my expectations. We will definitely be suggesting your services to our sister divisions as well as our corporate offices. I look forward to working with you again some day."
--Steven Nicolazzi, VP of Sales for US Foodservice Allentown

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