Thursday, February 26, 2009

Opportunities During "Tough Times"

Most of the news out there on "the economy" is grim. In fact, we sometimes play a little game where we count how many times in a news broadcast they say the following phrases:

"In times like these"

"During tough times"

"Because of the economy"

Now we're not saying that there aren't real challenges out there for folks. As business owners, we've had our fair share of meetings cancelled. However, all of the drama that the media is whipping up is only making things worse. If it's true that we get what we focus on, then the media frenzy should have us standing in breadlines wearing fedoras in no time.

Imagine how pleasantly surprised we were when we found an article about the occupations that are actually thriving "in times like these." To read it, go to

What are some of the jobs that are in demand? A few are:
  • Grass painter...yep! These folks paint the dead grass of foreclosed homes green, so that they will be more likely to sell and less likely to attract vandals.

  • The cleaner. As people abandon their houses to foreclosure, someone's gotta clean up that mess.

  • The caretaker. This is a pretty sweet deal. Caretakers live in homes that are for sale for reduced rent and make sure that the house is staged well for showings. This is a win all around!

It got us to thinking about what other jobs that may be booming:

  • Loan shark. If the banks aren't lending, someone's got to pick up the slack.

  • Television news pundit. With an abundance of 24/7 news channels, there are never enough people to chime in with their opinions about these "tough times."

  • Oh yeah, and if someone knows how to get the economy running would be in VERY high demand!

The bottom line?

We live in an uncertain, constantly changing world. Security is (and always has been) an illusion. But everyday we have a choice in how we deal with it. We can get frustrated and overwhelmed, or we can choose to approach our lives and challenges with a sense of humor.

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