Thursday, October 29, 2009

Change Speaker | Eagles Talent Podcast Part 2

Enjoy Part 2 of our interview with Sheldon Senek of Eagles Talent:


SHELDON SENEK: Well, you know, that brings up an interesting topic here about 9/11 and there seemed to be that period that the nation really was in mourning and not too much was really funny. Was there a performance that you did that felt maybe, like, it’s a release and finally it’s okay for people to laugh?

TIM O’SHEA: Well, you know, we actually noticed that the next day. There was something on September 12th, we were doing a group and the response was huge. I mean, people really releasing a lot of stuff from the day before. So, actually, we found, you know, and we weren’t sure what kind of reaction we were going to get. We thought it was going to be really subdued, but it was the opposite. I mean, people were, they were just, they loved it. They had a great time.

And that’s especially true now too with all this stuff going on in the last 12 months with the economy and the recession and the election and all the Bernie Madoff stuff and swine flu and bird flu and moo flu and ox tox and zebra zits. All the things that are happening in the news, you know, and so right now, especially now, it’s the people really enjoy having humor also.


TIM O’SHEA: How many of you are here? Raise your hand. Raise your hand if you’re here. Okay, quite a few of you raised your hands, but several of you did not. And for those of you who didn’t raise your hands, if you’re not here, where are you? Now, in order to stay competitive in today’s market, you need to be innovative. How do you do that? I don’t know. I’m just telling you you need to do it. Failures are nothing more than disasters waiting to happen.


SHELDON SENEK: From watching you, there is really such a crisp element of your performance. What are both of your backgrounds? Do you have theater backgrounds? [06:00]

TIM O’SHEA: Yes, we both have theater backgrounds and we actually met in a troupe, a local troupe here in Denver.

KRIS O’SHEA: Doing sketch comedy and improvisation.

TIM O’SHEA: Exactly, and since we had the corporate backgrounds combined with the humor, writing and performing backgrounds, we decided, well, let’s fuse the two together and create our own product. And that’s what we’re doing now and we decided, well, we like working together. We’re good at it. Let’s see what we can do and here we are.

SHELDON SENEK: Well, and both of you come from the corporate world as well and I’m sure that just gives you more fuel for your show.

KRIS O’SHEA: Absolutely, you know, as we were creating the program that we do now, Change 180, one of the things that was inspirational in creating it, aside from all of the interviewing of clients that we’ve done through the years, was that, at one point, we worked for a company that tripled in size in the three years we were there. So, it went from about 125 employees, which definitely had a certain feel to having about 500 employees with three different offices in different states. And so it was constant changing. Never knew what was going to happen. You never knew who was going to throw you under the bus and if they were going to backup and hit you again. So, we really were able to draw from a lot of that experience in creating our program and our material as well.

TIM O’SHEA: And that’s one thing that gives us an advantage over maybe other people that are in the similar field as us is that we’ve actually been there. We’ve done the jobs and sat in the cubes and been in the meetings that all the people in our audiences have been in. So, we understand firsthand what they’re going through and what it’s like. So, our material is really relevant to them.


KRIS O’SHEA: Okay, let’s move on now to our next scenario. Here we’re going to look at how to deal with the clueless employee. Let’s take a look.

TIM O’SHEA: Yeah, my paycheck didn’t arrive on Friday. It usually gets there on Friday and it didn’t show up.

KRIS O’SHEA: Let me look you up in the computer. Are you still on 86th Drive. [08:00]

TIM O’SHEA: No, I moved three weeks ago. You didn’t know that?

KRIS O’SHEA: No, I’m afraid I did not.

TIM O’SHEA: Yeah, I moved in with my brother. I had to change bank accounts too. You didn’t know that?


Stay tuned for Part 3!

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