Thursday, October 29, 2009

Funny Motivation Speaker | Eagles Talent Podcast Interview Part 1

Please enjoy part 1 of our interview with Sheldon Senek from Eagles Talent Connection. For those of you who like to listen to podcasts, click on the YouTube screen. For those of you who prefer to read, scroll down and read part 1 of the interview!

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SHELDON SENEK: Welcome to the Eagles Talent Connection Podcast.

TIM O’SHEA: Thank you, Sheldon.

KRIS O’SHEA: Thank you.

SHELDON SENEK: First, I’d like to say congratulations on being named in the National Speakers Association’s Speakers Magazine as one, well two of the hottest speakers and I imagine this hasn’t hurt business that much.

TIM O’SHEA: It hasn’t hurt, you know. No, but you do bring up a good point, which is that, you know, we’re still trying to figure out if we’ve taken up two slots or if it’s just the one. I mean, usually with the married couple thing, it counts as one. So, we figure, all right, we somehow left a slot open for somebody else, but yeah, it’s very exciting to be a part of that.

SHELDON SENEK: So, there are keynote speakers and then there are comedians and then there are married couples who team up and tackle both. Was this always in the plan? Well, you know, was this in your vows, or?

TIM O’SHEA: Oh yeah, actually it was part of the contract when we got married.

KRIS O’SHEA: It was part of, it was in the pre-nup.

TIM O’SHEA: Yeah, it was in the pre-nup that I had to sign, that Kris had me sign. So, are we the only couples that do this or are there other couples that do this?

KRIS O’SHEA: I don’t know.

SHELDON SENEK: I may have to research that.

TIM O’SHEA: Yeah, you may have to.

KRIS O’SHEA: We actually, we met 12 years ago doing this kind of work.

TIM O’SHEA: Yes. We did, we actually had corporate jobs during the day and then at night, we would go around to theaters and nightclubs and cut our teeth as humor writers and performers. And then, we decided at one point, that we wanted to start our own business because there seemed to be a lot of fun that could be had at meetings and conventions and so that’s what we do now.

KRIS O’SHEA: And we started our business, actually we had great timing. We started it right before 9/11.

SHELDON SENEK: Yeah, I was going to ask that. That you had what, three days or before?

KRIS O’SHEA: Yeah, our first booking was three days before 9/11. So, you know, great timing. Thankfully our timing onstage is better than our timing of starting a business. So, it makes it, this whole economy thing that’s going on right now is really nothing, you know, in comparison.

TIM O’SHEA: Can you imagine, it’s September 8th and that was our first booking. Hey, we’re on our way and then three days later you see all of that. I quote Lewis Black, who said when the towers came down that there wasn’t a single person that didn’t go, “Well, this really messes up my plans.”

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