Thursday, February 11, 2010

Humorous Motivational Speaker | The Difference Between A Skit And A Sketch

People often say to us, “Oh, I love your skits.” And that's a great compliment.

But we twitch a little bit inside when we hear that...because we don’t do "skits." We do sketch comedy.

What’s the difference you ask? Here’s the deal:

A sketch is a skillfully crafted segment of purpose-driven comedic material, written and performed by professionals.

A skit is created by amateurs and it usually looks that way, too.

Some examples:

Saturday Night Live is sketch comedy.

Performing that funny short play you wrote with your cousins in your grandma’s basement at Thanksgiving when you were a kid…well, that was a skit.

The Carol Burnett Show was brilliant, classic sketch comedy.

What the counselors did at summer camp after the mac & cheese dinner was a skit.

Monty Python's Flying Circus, Mad TV, The Tracey Ullman Show, and Laugh In: you guessed it…all contain sketches.

In high school, when the cheerleaders dressed up as football players and the football players dressed up as the cheerleaders and performed something that wasn't funny…that was definitely a skit.

A sketch is material that has been drafted, discussed, edited, tried and perfected by trained comedy writing professionals that have hundreds of hours of experience in front of hundreds of audiences of all types.

A skit is "cute."

So now you know!

Skit: amateur.

Sketch: professional.

We do sketch comedy.

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