Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Okay to Laugh Again at Meetings Says Meetings and Conventions Magazine

The O'Sheas were recently featured in an article in Meetings and Conventions Magazine. Here is an excerpt:

"The economic collapse of 2008 really put a damper on having any kind of fun at meetings," says Tim O'Shea. "The last two years have been grim, but attendees are ready to laugh again." O'Shea should know: He and his wife, Kris, are professional speakers with a decidedly humorous bent. Their act, The O'Shea Report, is a fresh look at the funny side of change, delivered Saturday Night Live-style to groups such as the American Payroll Association and Nordstrom. As Kris O'Shea notes, "Today it's not enough to multitask -- you have to hypertask, where you work at breakneck speed to look busy and accomplish nothing."

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About The O'Shea Report:
Change speakers Tim and Kris O'Shea help organizations deal with change through relevant business humor. To learn more about these funny motivational speakers visit To learn how to bring The O'Shea Report into your meeting or convention, please visit or call 303-371-2849.

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