Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A note from Kris about change

I often hear people say that they are overwhelmed by all the change in the world. And while it can be frustrating to constantly have to learn new skills, there is an up-side to change.

My mother was recently in the hospital recovering from surgery when she suddenly had a massive stroke. She was unable to move the right side of her body, couldn’t comprehend and couldn’t speak. The neuro team at the hospital wanted to give her a drug called TPA, which is a clot buster. The problem was that, because she just had surgery, she didn’t qualify for the drug because she could suffer from bleeding at the surgery site. They called her surgeon out of surgery and he overrode the disqualification, thus allowing her to have the TPA. The neuro team administered the drug and waited to see if it would be effective.

Meanwhile, I jumped on a plane to be by her side at the hospital. When I walked in the room, I held her right hand and gave her a squeeze. Then, she looked at me and squeezed back! She had movement on her right side and comprehended that I was there. The next day, they took an MRI of her brain and reported that there was no sign whatsoever of the stroke. The TPA worked!

If this had happened just twenty years ago, she would have been left paralyzed with no cognitive function. However, thanks to the advances in the medical field, she is able to return to her life with a great sense of gratitude.

So, yes, change can be intimidating and overwhelming. But it can also be amazing. Next time you find yourself grumbling about change remind yourself to reframe the situation by thinking of all of the good things that can come from change.

Footnote: If you suspect someone might be having a stroke, call 911 immediately. The TPA must be administered within three hours of having the stroke. Because my mother was already in the hospital, they were able to administer within the 3 hour time frame. For information on stroke signs and symptoms visit:

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