Thursday, August 2, 2012

Resisting Change

I attended Weight Watchers meetings seven years ago. During my time there, the employees had to transition from a paper system to a computerized system. The lovely older women who worked there were not happy at all about the change. They were flustered, impatient and overwhelmed.

Flash forward seven years, I decided to go back to Weight Watchers. As I walked in, I saw the same ladies at the front desk that were there seven years prior. As I was getting checked in, I noticed the ladies were using the computers with ease. I told the woman who was checking me in that I remembered the transition to the computers and how they were not happy about it. She replied, “Oh we love the computers now. It’s so much easier and faster. The other day the computers went down and we had to use paper, which just seemed so slow.”

We’ve all had this happen, right? Something new comes out and it makes us uncomfortable or intimidated. But we eventually overcome that resistance and accept the change. Next time you are facing a change that you are resisting, remind yourself of all the changes you have mastered. You’ve got this…it’s a piece of cake (well, low-fat, low-cal cake).

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