Monday, December 2, 2013

Funny Motivational Speakers

Funny Motivational Speakers

You’ve seen every motivational keynote speaker out there. Your people have heard it all. Now it’s time for something fresh, fun, and different.

Described as “Saturday Night Live for Business,” funny motivational speakers Tim and Kris O’Shea offer one-of-a-kind business humor keynotes. Merging an entertaining delivery style with relevant subject matter, The O’Sheas understand what meeting planners want. They are HR approved and employee loved.
Whether you’re planning a sales rally, company meeting or association convention, The O’Sheas can help.
As some of the most in-demand funny motivational speakers in North America, The O’Sheas’ innovative corporate humor keynote programs will get your attendees motivated about workplace challenges and the fast pace of the world.
The O’Sheas’ most popular humorous keynotes are:
  • Change 180 – Through their business humor keynote program, Change 180, The O’Sheas will help open your people’s minds to the nonstop changes of the modern business environment. Click here to learn more.

  • Teamwork 180 - The O’Sheas’ funny keynote, Teamwork 180, will provide your team with a lighter look at the ups and downs of working side by side. Click here to learn more.

  • Sales 180 - In this comical keynote, Sales 180, The O’Sheas provide a unique perspective at the world of sales through a humorous lens. Click here to learn more. 
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