Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Funny Motivational Speakers | Are You Going to Have Fun This Year?

It's the beginning of a new year and everyone is a-flutter with their goals, resolutions, vision boards, do lists, don't lists, and everything-in-between lists. And while we all want to get more done, are we going to actually enjoy it? Are we going to have fun?

There are lots of little things that are easy to lose sight of as we rush around. But what if we decided to make having just a little more fun a priority? It doesn't cost a thing and the pay-off is immense.

Here's an example: During the winter I (Kris) am perpetually cold. I grew up in Texas, but live in Colorado, so the gas fireplace is always on. Every December I just love to turn the TV on to the cable channel with the Yule Log. Now, the TV is directly above the fireplace so we essentially have 2 fires going simultaneously (of course only one produces significant heat).

The ridiculous redundancy gives me such a giggle. But the even better part is sitting in the living room waiting for Tim to come in. I'm like a little kid eagerly anticipating Santa's arrival. And when he finally turns the corner into the room and bursts out with a big boisterous laugh it makes my day.

So let 2014 be the year you make having fun a priority! Remember to take the time for the little things that can put a smile on your face (and those around you). Let this be the year you have fun.


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